Create&Sell Custom T-Shirts with Zero Upfront Cost
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Your local T-Shirt printer is a hassle because:
You need to
know the exact number but you're not sureknow the exact sizes but you dont knowpay upfront but you don't want to
How Teefaction Works
Our idea is very simple.

If you aren’t sure how many T-shirts you’ll sell, you can set your own target, for example at 20 T-shirts. If the target is reached and at least 20 people PRE-ORDER, we will print them and fulfill individually for you.

And if the target you set isn’t reached, say only 15 people pre-ordered, nobody would be charged and the T-shirts wouldn’t go through.
Use TeeFaction online tool to design your T-Shirt fast and easy
Set the target
quantity & price and
share with your tribe
Tribe members order on TeeFaction selecting sizing & shipping address
When goal reached, we print & ship T-Shirts directly to your tribe members.
You've just united your tribe. Sit back and collect the Profit.
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